Spartan’s Mobile Showroom is on the move! Take a peek at where we are headed and email any time to submit a request. We are always looking for new places to explore.

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March 2023
  • Norwalk, Connecticut | HMTX House on the Hill | 2pm on March 16th
  • Boston | Harpoon Brewery | Brett Berry | 2pm on March 29th
  • North + South Carolina | JR Foster + Shawn Campbell | March 27th – 31st
APRIL 2023
  • North + South Carolina | JR Foster + Shawn Campbell | April 3rd – 7th
  • Atlanta, GA | Collin Keating + Katie McGowan | April 17th – 21st
MAY 2023
  • Alabama + Tennessee | Julie + Craig Bruehl
  • Kentucky | Brandon Lyons
  • Virginia | Connor LaPlante | May 17th – 18th
JUNE 2023
  • Cincinnati, OH | Brandon Lyons + Stephen Stauch
  • Chicago, IL | NeoCon | June 12th – 13th
  • Milwaukee, WI | Chelsea Puetz + Noah MacMillan + Keith Schaetz
  • St. Louis, MO | Katie Deelo
  • Austin, TX | Rocky Tramonte
  • Houston, TX |  Mike Hurtado + Sherridan Rowe
  • Dallas, TX | Amber Bartlett
  • Florida | Josh Judy + Kyle Keating + Hannah Verschoore + Bill Trimble + Ryan Feiss | November 1st  – 10th
Want to see the mobile showroom in action?  Check out the videos below!

Introducing Spartan’s Mobile Showroom

Tour Spartan’s Mobile Showroom

Mobile Showroom Year One in Review

Look Back on the 2022 Tour

Meet the Mobile Showroom Manager | Gerard Jones

Gerard Jones is the magic that keeps Spartan’s mobile showroom rolling.  He is hardworking, kind-hearted and carries a positive attitude in everything he does.  His dedication is what makes our showroom on wheels possible.  Give him a thanks and a 👊 when you see him on the road.

Off the road, Gerard is a loving father of two boys and a dedicated coach.





Spartan Surfaces, a subsidiary of Floor & Decor, is a specialty flooring supplier headquartered in Bel Air, MD. Employing over 150 team members, Spartan holds warehousing and offices in Maryland and Minnesota with showrooms in D.C. and Chicago.  Its geography encompasses seventy percent of the United States with continued expansion on the horizon. Taking a human-centered approach, Spartan prides itself on great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships, and great happiness. Whatever you’re working on, we’ve got you covered!