Straight from the company covered in green year-round, Spartan teamed up with Cobalt Surfaces to bring you a mood board of St. Patrick’s Day vibes.🍀 Infused with the spirit of the Emerald Isle, this curated collection echoes the enchantment and folklore associated with the holiday.

Each piece resonates with the heart and soul of Irish traditions, from LVT to Solid Vinyl Tile, Rubber and everything in between. Every texture and pattern nods to ancient Celtic designs, ensuring a touch of magic in every room they grace.

A smorgasbord of four-leafed flooring, these products are what fill our pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. 🍀t. Patrick’s Day 2023 Mood Board

Aspecta // One // Midtown Prism Green
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Burro
Cobalt Surfaces // Katanga // Grizzly








Aspecta // One Ornamental // Masquerade Midtown Prism Green
AVA // VRSE // Allegro
AVA // ORBT // Lucky Shamrock








American Biltrite // Texas Granite // Forest Green
American Biltrite // Texas Granite // Herb








Upofloor // Quartz Mosaic // Moss Agate








Upofloor // Zero Sheet // Apple Mint
Upofloor // Zero Sheet // Thorn Apple
Upofloor // Zero Sheet // Spruce








ECOsurfaces // Origins // Meadow








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ABOUT SPARTAN St. Patrick’s Day 2023 Mood Board

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