To be together. To reconnect. To laugh and cry. To learn from our peers who we admire and respect. To step back from the grind and celebrate our successes. It was a week to remember and one we are so grateful we were able to have.

Cheers to our deserving friends and teammates on their well earned recognition 🤜💚🤛!

We Over Me: Mike Thomas
Innovator of the Year: Rick Rollins
Actor of the Year: Brady Purcell (For We’ve Got You Covered!)
Rookie of the Year: Gerard Jones
Comeback Player of the Year: LeeAnn Hoerr + Michelle Maggio
Mentor Award: Gabrielle Amig
Rising Star: Collin Keating
Distribution Sales Person of the Year: Ray Szech
Customer Service Salesperson of the Year: Ryan Paige
A&D Salesperson of the Year: Colin O’Donnell
Ring of Honor: Danny Boyle + Kevin Dunn

Thank you to Vignon Manor for the beautiful atmosphere, Joe Larson for the laughs and five-star MC, Rouge Catering for the amazing food and beverage, and Harford Sound for the production support.


Spartan Surfaces is a specialty flooring distribution company headquartered in Bel Air, MD with showrooms in D.C. and Chicago. Employing over 100 team members, its geography encompasses three-fifths of the United States with continued expansion on the horizon. Taking a human-centered approach, Spartan prides itself on great people dedicated to great products, great families, great friendships, and great happiness.