The Archer Apartments

Chicago, IL

Address1211 N. LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL 60610
  • ML Group
Project Quantity14,260 Square Feet
Completion DateOctober 2023
ApplicationsMultifamily + Residential

The historic Archer, 1211 LaSalle, was originally built in 1929 as a hotel. The building’s Facade pays homage to Chicago Architecture, featuring several murals, including “Homage to the Chicago School” by Richard Hass in 1980. This mural showcases Chicago’s architectural giants beneath a Trompe-L’oil of the Golden Arch by Louis Sullivan for the Colombian Exposition.

The design team aimed to preserve the original interior details while breathing new life into space. They incorporated heavy brass Art Nevo space divisions and updated the flooring with a herringbone pattern in a lighter color as a nod to the parquet flooring of the time. The suites, designed to attract a younger generation of renters, are described as clean and light with a soft boutique feel.

In the spirit of maintaining the original elegance, the team added smaller yet high-quality appliances and finishes. The elegance of the design is evident from the signage to the flooring patterns. This renovation appears to be a thoughtful blend of historical preservation and modern updates to create a space that is both rich in history and appealing to contemporary tastes.

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Material Specifications

  • Manufacturer:Aspecta
  • Product Line:Contours // Versailles
  • Details:Bonheur
  • Manufacturer:Aspecta
  • Product Line:Contours // Versailles
  • Details:Soleil
  • Manufacturer:Cobalt Surfaces
  • Product Line:Katanga
  • Details:Sand Dune