In a world of commodity products, Community Design takes a new approach to serving the market. Level up your base with 14 different profiles that fit the design aesthetic of any project. From simplicity to va-va-voom, Community’s sculptured wall base collection boasts solid stocking positions and an extensive color palette. Add the Finishing Touch to your project by exploring our collection of base, tile, and tread.

  1. Array
    Rubber Stair Treads
    Tile Colors: 2120 2070 2030 2065
  2. Array
    Solid Tile
    2125 Golden Yellow Solid
  3. Array
    Solid Tile
    2130 Navy Solid
  4. Array
    Solid Tile
    2134 Poinsettia Solid
  5. Array
    Speckled Tile
    2009 Bimini Jewel Speckled
  6. Array
    Speckled Tile
    2067 Sugar Snap Speckled
  7. Array
    Speckled Tile
    2129 Dove Speckled
  8. Array
    Speckled Tile
    2061 Ghostwhite Speckled Square
  9. Array
    Suburban Solid Tile
    2005 Swirling Smoke Solid Round
  10. Array
    Molded Cove Base
  11. Array
    Vinyl Coved & Toeless Base
  12. Array
    Finishing Touch Dearborn
  13. Array
    Finishing Touch Yonkers