Welcome to our latest episode of 10 Questions, where we go below the surface to get to know the people who make Spartan Surfaces tick. This time, we’re sitting down with Meredith Nicholson, the VP of Marketing at Spartan. She is here to discuss everything from the challenges of maintaining company culture during rapid expansion to her love for thrift shopping and french fries.

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The Evolution of 10 Questions

The series started as a hot-wing challenge and has since evolved into a chain reaction of interviews.  Mike Blasek chose Meredith, and she discusses how the series has grown and diversified, including the introduction of “egg roulette” in this episode.

The Unsung Hero

Meredith is one of the original employees at Spartan, joining the company when it was founded in 2007. She talks about the unique challenges and rewards of being in a marketing role in an industry that often doesn’t have dedicated marketing departments.

The Culture Challenge

As Spartan Surfaces expands across the country, Meredith identifies maintaining the company’s culture as the biggest challenge. She emphasizes the importance of imparting the Spartan voice and ethos to new team members, regardless of their location.

Work-Life Balance

Being a working mom is no small feat, and Meredith shares how she and her husband juggle their responsibilities. She also talks about how her role at Spartan allows her the creative freedom to develop new ideas, even while cooking dinner.

A Love for Thrifting and French Fries

In a lighter moment, Meredith shares her love for thrift shopping and french fries. She even faces off in a rapid-fire round of “this or that,” choosing french fries over tater tots, Doritos, and Cheetos.

The Next Interviewee

Meredith passes the baton to Katie McGowan for the next episode, citing her radiant positivity and storytelling skills as reasons she’s excited to hear more from her.

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Thank you for joining us for another episode of 10 Questions. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll get to know Katie McGowan better. Until then, keep asking questions and going below the surface!

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