In our final episode of 10 Questions, Katie McGowan sits down with DC Metro Spartan rep Kevin Dunn. Getting the skinny from childhood to career change, Katie and Kevin delve into his journey through life and the insights he found along the way. Spoiler alert – it’s not the destination, it’s the ride.

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Childhood Dreams to a Professional Reality

Kevin Dunn’s story begins in the heart of Long Island, New York, where his early years were marked by a blend of typical childhood mischief and a burgeoning passion for sports and physical activity. This passion eventually directed him towards a career initially far removed from the world of sales — physical education. Kevin’s narrative is a testament to the unexpected paths life can take us on, from leading a career in Phys-Ed to becoming an indispensable part of Spartan Surfaces.

The Spartan Surfaces Connection

Katie McGowan and Kevin Dunn’s professional paths crossed in a serendipitous fashion, leading to McGowan’s current role at Spartan. Their conversation offers insights into the foundational relationships and chance encounters that can shape our career trajectories. Dunn credits his position at Spartan to his early interactions with the team, highlighting Danny Boyle and other important connections that catapulted him into a new opportunity.

Professional Growth and Mentorship

A significant portion of their discussion centers on the influential figures in Dunn’s life, particularly the role of Kevin Jablon, Spartan Surfaces CEO. Dunn’s reflections on mentorship and professional development shed light on the impact that visionary leaders can have on our careers and personal growth. Through anecdotes and shared experiences, the interview illuminates the dynamics of mentorship, ambition, and the balance of work and play as a way to find happiness in career and in life.

Challenges and Triumphs in Flooring

Dunn doesn’t shy away from discussing the hurdles and high points of his career. From navigating the complexities of the flooring industry to celebrating major project wins like the Georgetown Waterfront project, Kevin Dunn offers a candid look at the realities of professional success. These stories highlight his achievements and the benefits of teamwork.

Personal Insights and Light-hearted Moments

The interview is peppered with personal questions that reveal more about Dunn’s character and preferences. From his favorite color to his food choices, these light-hearted moments add depth to the conversation. This in turn makes it not just an interview but a genuine moment between colleagues.

A Reflection on Business and Life

The interview concludes with reflections on the flooring business and its challenges. Through the unpredictability of life, Kevin Dunn believes we always get to where we belong.




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