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Eleven55 Ripley

Eleven 55 Ripley has become a staple of elegant living in the DC Metro area. They pride themselves on unrivaled amenities, to enhance this they tasked Linowes Design Associates with designing their fitness center and they did not disappoint. They chose to use Procedo LOOM+ carpeting throughout to provide a pleasing appearance matched with comfort underfoot, to enhance the athletic training experience.

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Project Details

  • Project Address: 1155 Ripley Street Silver Spring, MD 20910

  • Architect(s): Linowes Design Associates

  • Project Quantity: 1,500 Square Feet

  • Completion Date: Winter 2017

  • Region(s): DC Metro, Maryland

  • Applications: Athletic, Multifamily + Residential

Material Specifications

Manufacturer Product Line Details



Knit FT-2212



Pinstripe FR-2306



Craft FT-2001